Bin Laden’s Death: What Happens Next?

Posted: May 3, 2011 in News

Count me in as being one of the ecstatic Americans who is glad to see Usama Bin Laden finally put down. I think it sends a strong message to the world that the United States of America is not a weakened country. It is true that the country is struggling to break out of its economic problems domestically. Make no mistake, the U.S.A. is still a powerhouse of the world.

I am curious to see how all of this plays out now that Bin Laden is out of the way. I do realize that our country will be on heightened security alert for some time to come. We know the Al Qaeda will try to plan some type of attack in response to the killing of this evil snake.

What I am really interested in seeing is how this will affect gasoline prices, if it will at all. Let’s face it, we have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and his regime. We have gotten rid of Usama Bin Laden and much of his top brass. The middle east, should anyways, be heading toward a more peaceful situation than what it has been. What’s the problem? I’m not sure I buy all the other excuses that we’re using more fuel. With the invention of hybrid engine vehicles, people turning to energy saving solutions for their homes, and people in general not traveling as much as they may have in the past, I can’t see how we’re using more fuel today. I can see more fuel use if we’re talking about the world as a whole, but not the United States. There are still countries that are paying just a few cents per gallon for gasoline. You can’t tell me America has to pay over $4 a gallon because of the world’s use of it. That’s a bogus excuse.

Anyway, I do feel safer knowing Usama Bin Laden is now dead. It almost makes me feel that the country might be heading back to more peaceful times of prosperity. Just like what our American dream promises us. I hope this is true.

– Greg


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